Crowded Top Tracks (mar 2017)

King Nun
Hung Around

Opening up this playlist with a band you may or may not have heard of, King Nun released their second single ‘Hung Around’, this is the second release from the band with the first being ‘Tulip’ that they put out last year, the band are currently signed to Dirty Hit (The 1975, The Japanese House, Wolf Alice) The frontman vocal style in this track are quite similar to something you’d hear from Jack White, King Nun are definitely ones to check out this year.

Enough, Enough, Enough

We got new music from Dead! this month, we are expected to have a full length album to release this year. This track is the perfect introduction to Dead!, and after hearing this banger you’d definitely want to hear them live.


This track is one that literally dropped at the end of the month so we are glad it just made this months list. The deathhore group Falsifier released a brand new single following up last years EP Life In Death, and it’s just as heavy. The next step for these guys would be a full length album so if this is a taste on what we could expect from it, we may not be disappointed.

Part Of The Problem
Take Me Serious

A local band from the Leicester area Part Of The Problem are a band that take a mixture of genres and fuse them together in order to create this unique sound which really does separate them from other bands in the scene. You can hear things such as reggae, funk, ambient rock and even grime influences in their music with the frontman James Summers (better known as Jafro) who his a grime artist currently building some momentum in that scene. Unfortunately when the band dropped their EP this month they also announce their spilt which is a shame considering how great their EP turned out.

Black Honey
Somebody Better

Black Honey put out one of our favourite tracks of the year in the form of ‘Somebody Better’ and if you like that track you should really go and listen to the B-side of that single ‘Cadillac’. We also got to see it live when we saw them in Leicester earlier this month.

Our Hollow, Our Home

Our Hollow, Our Home released their highly anticipated debut album ‘Hartsick’ at the beginning of the month, and it massively blew our expectations. Probably one of our favourite albums to come out this year,  picking one of the tracks to put on to this list was a hard one but it would have to be Loneshark however you must listen to the track ‘The Sea Will Sleep’ first, a heavy intro for the entire album which then leads into Loneshark.

Circa Waves
Wake Up

Liverpool indie rockers Circa Waves also dropped their new album ‘Different Creatures’ this month and it really shows the progression of their music and them taking a new direction. We’ve  decided to stick the first track of the new album on this list, Wake Up.

Shadow Of Intent
The Horror Within

Another deathcore track on this list that also dropped right at the end of the month too, Shadow Of Intent released The Horror Within and also announced the date and title of their upcoming album, Reclaimer, which will be coming out April 28th. What started out as just a two piece project has progressed so much and now with a full line up, Shadow Of Intent are ones not to be missed out on this year.


So Northlane recorded a new album and didn’t tell us about it, they also released that album without telling us beforehand there was a new album! Mesmer, was well kept secret from Northlane and well the results really do speak for themselves. There were mixed reactions to their last album Node which was the first with vocalist Marcus Bridge, but now everyone has stepped up their game so if you weren’t really a fan of Node we do recommend you at least check out Mesmer.

This Life Is Old, New, Borrowed, And Blue

We got our first look at the new ’68 album this month when they dropped their new single, This Life Is Old, New, Borrowed, And Blue. The band announced the new album Two Parts Viper at the beginning of the month as well as signing to Cooking Vinyl. ’68 are definitely a band to get excited about this year.

If you think we missed anything tell us in the comments down below.


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