Crowded’s Top Tracks (feb 2017)

At the end of every month we will be curating a new playlist featuring the best tracks released within the month, and we are going to take a look what February had to offer.


The Answer

The indie quartet VANT released their debut album DUMB BLOOD, the band did release this track as a single back in 2015 but the fact it’s also on this album gave us the perfect excuse to put it on this list.This track really gives off some garage/grunge vibes, and is lyrically quite political.

While She Sleeps
Silence Speaks (feat Oli Sykes)

While She Sleeps next studio album is set to come out in April and there seems to be a pattern with the singles that they keep releasing, the pattern being that all of them are absolute bangers and Silence Speaks continues with that pattern. A nice surprise on the track was the guest vocal spot from Bring Me The Horizon’s Oli Sykes. This track doesn’t just prove how great While She Sleeps continue to be, but it also show that Oli Sykes has still got it.


Acres came back at it with their latest EP In Sickness and Health, not only is it our favourite release this year (you can check out our review here), first track on it is by far one of the best and we advise you to listen to the whole thing. This is melodic/post-hardcore at its finest.

The Magic Gang
How Can I Compete

The Magic Gang dropped this feel good track this month, this is one hell of a track by the the indie pop group. This is definitely one that’ll have you singing along, along with the single the band also announced their next EP would be releasing around April on Yala Records.

Down & Dirty
Heaven Hurts

After a 2 year absence Down and Dirty return in a big way with the addition go their new vocalist. After former vocalist Denis Stoff left to join asking the band has been completely inactive on all social media until now, I present Heaven Hurts.

A Wake In Providence
A Darkened Gospel

A Wake In Providence kicked off their 2017 with a such a massive tune, if a song could destroy anything in it’s path its this one. 2017 will be a great year for this band as well as showing off this new track they also announced their signing with Outerloop Records.

Lower Than Atlantis
Long Time Coming

This belter of a track comes from Lower Than Atlantis’ latest studio album Safe In Sound and Long Time Coming is one of the tracks that really stands out on this record. The singles leading up to this release were great but this track is really one of the great gems on the album, After 10 years of being together the Safe In Sound is some of their best work.

If you liked what you saw or think we may have left anything out leave us a comment down below.


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