most anticipated albums of 2017

This year we expecting a lot of new music from new bands and couple old ones too we are going to be looking at some of the most anticipated albums expected to come out in 2017, before we get into it a couple honourable mentions, Code Orange’s ‘Forever’ and Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes ‘Modern Ruin’ would have been in this list but they were already released by the time this was written.

6305503System of a Down
Release TBA

Back in 2016 System of a Down announced they were coming of their hiatus for few comeback shows including a headlining set at this years Download Festival. So just when we thought that we were gonna get to see SOAD live one last time news then later came out that they were back in the studio together it was then confirmed that would be recording a new album. Drummer John Dolmayan in an interview said that they had 15 new songs ready for the new album, as far as how the album is going to sound all we know is that it won’t be a “Toxicity Part Two” in Dolmayan’s words. After being on this hiatus for almost 12 years we have no idea what SOAD will come out with it so there will be quite a lot of pressure.

oaax1000Oceans Ate Alaska
Release TBA

Oceans Ate Alaska are set to release the follow up to their 2015 debut album Lost Isles, On 16th December 2016 the band issued a post on Facebook announcing that they were about to go into the studio to record the new album and that it was “by far our proudest work of art yet”.

With this post we also didn’t get the greatest of announcements either as they also announced the departure of vocalist James Harrison as they were “on different paths personally and creatively” no further news has come out about a new vocalist at this time, however it will now be even more interesting to see what OAA come out with in this new record.

521bd28d-5db3-4cf1-b59a-c5b45cf1f50a.jpegWhile She Sleeps
You Are We
Release: 21st April 2017

2017 will mark a new chapter for the band While She Sleeps as they will be releasing their next studio album independently with the band spiltting with their record label (Sony Music) last year.

While She Sleeps announced they were going to crowd-fund their new album (via PledgeMusic) back in September and they reached their funding goal in the next month. This band have done everything by themselves for this release they even converted a warehouse into their own headquarters where they have built their own studio which they recorded the album in. We have had our first look at the album in the form of singles ‘Civil Isolation’, ‘Hurricane’, and ‘You are We’  if these singles do actually reflect what the final product will be, then I am sure we will not be disappointed. You can Pre Order the album here:

Release TBA

For those who don’t know who ’68 are they are a rock duo from Atlanta, USA. This a band started by Josh Scogin known for his work with as the ex frontman of Norma Jean and The Chariot. They are quite possibly the biggest sounding rock duo of all time one man beating the drums to death whilst the other swings his guitar around like some weapon meanwhile yelling into a microphone.

Their debut album released back in 2014 ‘In Humor and Sadness’ gained quite a bit of buzz, but some how this band have still managed to stay under the radar a little bit. In Humor and Sadness was such a good album you would not expect that big of a sound coming from two people, we hope to hear new music from ’68 really soon and just a tip if you get the chance to see them live, we strongly advise you it do it.

Being As An Ocean
Waiting For Morning To Come
Release: 9th June 2017


On 10th December 2016 the melodic hardcore quartet Being As An Ocean announced that they would be releasing their forth studio album titled ‘Waiting For Morning To Come’ which is the follow up to their self-titled release back in 2015. As of now we don’t really know much about the album however before the announcement back in September the band released the single ‘Ok’. Being As An Ocean are a band who have always experimented with something new in their music, each one of their albums has a unique sound different from the previous so it’ll be interesting to see what the band come out with next.

Our-Hollow-Our-Home-2016.jpgOur Hollow Our Home
Released 3rd March 2017

Another band on this list that are releasing their album independently, Our Hollow Our Home are going to be releasing their debut album ‘Hartsick’ this year. Our Hollow Our Home formed back in 2012 and over the past couple of years they’ve been gaining loads of momentum but their EP ‘//Redfine’ attracted a lot of attention and people started to take notice, they then went on to release two more singles before showing off ‘Worms Wood’ which is the single for the new album. Years of hard work and dedication have been leading to this release. I highly recommend you check these guys out live as well when on their next tour in support of the album. You can pre order the album here:

So there we have it just a few of albums we are most excited about in 2017, if you think we’ve missed any tells down in the comments.


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