Top LP’s of 2016

Now people would say that 2016 hasn’t really been a good year for music with legends such as David Bowie, Prince, and George Michael unfortunately passing away, however there were lots of releases this year that were worth getting happy and excited about so to kick off the new year and the beginning of this website I am going to be listing some of my personal favourite LP’s of 2016. (I couldn’t put these in a type of ranking system so here they are written in no particular order)

Omaha – Young Hearts
Released: 29/4/16


Now this release is one that I had been looking forward to for a while it is the was the debut album by a band that were from the Leicester area, Omaha. Forming in 2013 the band burst onto the music scene with a much heavier sound than what this record is, they started off as a metalcore act before slowly making the transition to a more alternative rock sound with the release of their 2nd EP ‘Chapters’, which in my personal opinion is one of the best EP’s out there right now from start to finish.

Just when I had thought that they had finally settled on this new style they went ahead and released the single ‘Remember’ for their debut album ‘Young Hearts’ which had more of a pop rock vibe to it and really just sounded a lot more upbeat than their previous material. When it came to the day of the release never before have used Spotify so much in my life, I waited till their album launch show at The Cookie to purchase the album so I had to stream it till then.  Instantly I loved this album I guess I had high expectations for this and Omaha certainly delivered, literally every song on this release was so catchy each one had their own hook that would just stick with me. I would pick out some individual songs you should listen but the truth is you should really listen to the whole album then go back and listen to their other releases. However if I had to pick one track of the album it would probably have to be ‘Wrong, but so Right’ that was the track that really got hyped for this release, and if you’re a fan of bands like You Me At Six you’ll most definitely like this.

Nails – You Will Never Be One Of Us
Released: 17/6/16

1000x1000This release is one which I find hard to actually put in words but essentially it is aggressive and disgusting. I came across Nails last year when I was shown their debut album ‘Unsilent Death’ released back in 2010. The trio have managed to put together quite possibly the heaviest album of 2016, combining all sorts of styles of metal including Grindcore, Hardcore, Metal and even Punk.

This is the bands third album and also is their longest album to date clocking in at around 21 minutes. From start to finish this album is violent there’s not a single moment where you have time to digest what has been thrown at you, this album is so heavy and is straight to the point. Nails waste no time to build up these tracks they cut straight to the good stuff. Personally to me its the vocals that stand out it really just feels Todd Jones (Vocals/Guitar) is shouting right in my face, which is something I didn’t know I wanted in an album until I heard this. The production on this album really is outstanding as well for such a style of music with elements such distorted and sludgy guitars and aggressive vocals, this album still manages to sound excellent. Overall if you were to be intimidated by an album I highly recommend it would be this one, stand out tracks on this one would be ‘You Will Never Be One Of Us’, ‘Savage Intolerance’ and ‘Parasite’.

Weezer – The White Album
Released: 1/4/16

e95ebca3Right I know what you maybe thinking for this one, ‘A Weezer Album, Really?’ and the answer to that is yes. Now I didn’t listen to this exactly when it came out it was probably around a couple of months after its initial release I decided to take a listen to it and I’m pretty much glad I did now, This album hit me a with a lot of nostalgia and made me go back and listen to a bit more of Weezer’s old stuff.

I found myself getting a bit lost in this album I just sat back and just indulged in the music songs like California Kids, Wind In Our Sail, and (Girl We Got A) Good Thing are just some of the most happy and upbeat songs I’ve heard in a while. All these tracks really do blend well together making this an album you should listen to in full and in order (I would advise you to not play this on shuffle). Some of this album is a little bit tongue in cheek I would say songs such as Do You Wanna Get High and L.A. Girls really do show this though some of its lyrical content. Weezer’s White Album is definitely one of those albums for the car, this could very much be one of if not the soundtrack to your summer, as cliché as it sounds it’s true. This by far some of their best work to date and I’m hoping their next release will be able to capture my attention just like this one.

Blossoms – Blossoms
Released: 5/8/16

This album was probably one of the most anticipated albums of the year after making a massive impact within the indie music scene Blossoms finally released their debut LP which featured massive singles such as Charlemagne, At Most A Kiss and more.

blossomsartworkSo going into this album part of me was a bit concerned because this album included all the singles the band had released prior to the launch so before this had even come out so turned out I had already heard about five of the tracks on it all of which are great tunes and I still think they are some of the best songs on the album so I thought there would be nothing new to really get into to.

So I basically just listened to all the tracks I hadn’t listened to and well I couldn’t have been more wrong about not having anything new to get excited about, the song Honey Sweet for example is a lot more of a toned down track on the album (not forgetting some of acoustic tracks on the album) and the song Texia is just one of those really hyped tracks on the album. Blossoms managed to show with this album that they aren’t just one trick ponies and this album shows that there is a lot more to them than we think and with one of the best-selling albums of the year they can only go on to greater things.

Architects – All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us
Released: 27/5/16

architects_album7coverArchitects came out this year with sixth studio album and quite frankly one of the best pieces of work to date, after the huge success of their previous album Lost Forever // Lost Together which came out back in 2014, I wasn’t sure if the band could live up to my high expectations because I never fully got into Architects until LF//LT but their latest release only made me fall in love with the even more.

This start to this album doesn’t even get an intro, the opening track Nihilist instantly kicks in with Sam Carters classic screaming which I feel personally is one of the things what makes Architects having Sam’s unique vocal style. This album is really shows that Architects are one of the greats within metalcore and tech-metal, the riffs on this album are just as technical if not even more than their previous works, the lyrical content in this album really does touch upon some political topics this is a band that have a opinions and boy are they not afraid to tell people about them. This album will go down in history not only being one of the best albums Architects have ever produced but will be a tribute to one of the greatest song writers within our music scene, as you all know that guitarist and co-founder of the band Tom Searle he was an inspiration to many and before his death back in August he has left a legacy within the scene, the band have continued with their touring plans across the world but as far as plans after that we are uncertain what the future holds for the band but they have but if this album did mark the final chapter in the band’s career, what a way to go out on.

Rough Hands – Let Me Win Your Hearts and Minds
Released: 5/8/16

a3859819233_10Now I discovered this band earlier this year through this album just browsing around bandcamp finding some new music to listen to and I cam across Rough Hands, a 4 piece hardcore group from Brighton and London, and after two EP’s they came out with their debut album released through Dog Knights Productions.

This album is full of heavy riffs, high-pitched vocals and just chaos, with this album Rough Hands have shown how they have really progressed as far as their songwriting abilities go, comparing it to their last two EP’s, I’m not saying it was bad but this on this album it’s just so much better because the songs are just structured so well. The album shows of a sound that is a mixture of post-hardcore and traditional hardcore, and I also noticed they’ve experimented a bit with vocals as well incorporating quite a bit of spoken word parts in some songs such as Swim In The Blues and Mind At Large. I’m glad I came across this release I went back and listened to some of their older stuff as well when hearing this album and even purchased their last EP ‘Nothings Changed’. Rough Hands are band that show a lot of great potential and I am excited to see what they come out with next.

Honourable Mentions:

periphery_peripheryiii-selectdifficulty-2-2Periphery – PIII: Select Difficulty
Released: 22/7/16

Progressive Metal at it’s finest, Periphery really pushed themselves with this album and it paid off, definitely some of the best vocal work Spencer Sotelo has done. This album is so heavy and so technical, these guys are just some of the most talented musicians in metal and Select Difficulty just proves it, this is Periphery’s best work to date. I would definitely recommend you listen to the tracks ‘The Price is Wrong’, ’Marigold’ and ‘Prayer Position’

hacktivist-outside-the-box-album-artHacktivist – Outside the Box
Released: 4/3/16

Definitely one of the most anticipated releases of the year four years after their debut EP, when grime meets djent. Hacktivist really smashed it with a solid debut album, this album is a prime example that rap and metal when combined together doesn’t completely suck. The album also has a couple of guests spots even one from Rou Reynolds on the track ‘Taken’


Moose Blood – Blush
Released: 5/8/16

Moose Blood came out with their second studio album this year and delivered a release that really stood out this year. Songs such as ‘Honey’ and ‘Knuckles’ are some of the more positive sounding songs on the album but they still manage to play with your heartstrings with songs such as ‘Glow’ and ‘Spring’.


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